Before Use

  • When using it for the first time, please wash it carefully with a neutral detergent, and then pour a little oil to cook it after it is dry.

Safety Precautions

  • When you use it, please place it on the center of the gas stove, pay attention to the fire power, and do not let the flame go beyond the bottom of the pot. If the flame goes beyond the bottom of the pot, the handle will be overheated and gotten burnt, which may damage the handle, causing danger and falling off. 
  • If the screw is found to be loose during use, the handle will shake and cause danger when you continue to use it.

  • If the handle screw is loose, be sure to fasten it before use.

For Long-Term Use

  • Never preheat an empty pan, which may cause damage to the handle, deformation and dissolution of the body, etc.

  • Use low or medium heat when cooking.

  • When the body is still in a high temperature state, do not cool it with cold water as rapid temperature changes will deform the body.

  • Use wooden shovel, nylon shovel for longer service life.

  • Do not use sharp objects such as metal.


  • Even if you don't add oil when using this product for cooking, the ingredients will not stick to the pan. You can cook a lot of food with a little oil.
  • Do not use iron brushes, alkaline cleaners, or cleaning powders to clean your pan.
  • Please use a sponge to clean with a little neutral detergent, and rinse thoroughly with clean water. 

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